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  • HOT off the CMSC Press: Fatigue often the first MS symptom

    MONTREAL — Months or even years before demyelinating events are recognized, patients later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis often turn up in their doctors’ offices complaining of fatigue, [...]

    • Mindfulness Meditation May Ease Fatigue, Depression in MS

      Learning mindfulness meditation may help people who have multiple sclerosis (MS) with the fatigue, depression and other life challenges that commonly accompany the disease, according to a [...]

      • Nuvigil: Coming to Pharmacies Near you Q3 2009

        Cephalon Announces Positive Results From a Phase Two Study of NUVIGIL in Bipolar Depression Tools Posted March 17, 2009 Cephalon Announces Positive Results From a Phase Two [...]

        • Provigil More Addictive than Previously Thought? Jury’s Still Out…

          Cephalon’s Provigil could carry risk of addiction, according to study data by Mark Todoruk Study data measuring the effects of Cephalon’s sleep disorder drug Provigil (modafinil) on [...]



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